7 Quick Tips for Removing Dog Hair from a Kid’s Car Seat

Dogs are wonderful to have, especially when you have kids and they love playing with the dog. But, there are inconveniences that dogs cause. The big one is dog hair. Dog hair is manageable around the house where you can vacuum all the time, but in the car, the hair can get crazy. How can you remove dog hair from your kid’s car seat?

1. Rubber Glove

A rubber glove is the best hack you can find on the internet. Rubber is great at grabbing onto hair, so using it to collect the hair off of the car seat will be your best friend. If it works well enough for you, then you won’t even need to spend a ton of time vacuuming the car out. You can go through your whole car dragging your hand across the surface and collecting the hair in one spot. Then, you can vacuum the spot that has hair on it, which saves you from having to use the vacuum all over the car.

2. Wash the Car Seat Covering

You can wash the car seat covering in the wash, by hand, or both. To be the most effective, you can combine methods of cleaning the seat. You can first use a rubber glove and take off as much hair as you can, then vacuum. After that, you can have some hair that is stubborn and does not want to be removed easily so you can start to hand wash.

You can mix some fabric softener with water and gently scrub the car seat cover. A fabric softener will help loosen the hair from the fabric. Then, after going for however long the car seat needs, you can either rinse the seat cover and put it in the dryer, or you can put it on a wash or rinse cycle and then dry it.

The dryer will be good at grabbing the hairs and by the time you pull it out, the car seat should be like new. It will smell good, look clean, and this wash can get rid of any stains that happened over time. Everyone knows kids are messy, so this could be a great excuse to deep clean and wash the car seat.

3. Balloons

You don’t need to go to the store for a helium balloon, but you can go into your house and find the pack of balloons that you have by the party supplies. Blow it up and rub it on your clothes or on a cloth. That will build the static electricity that will help pick up the dog’s hair. Then, you can rub the balloon against the car seat and you will see the balloon pick up the hair.

This is easy, and it can get most of the job done for you before you need the vacuum. You can finish the job by taking out the vacuum and going over the seat to pick up any hair left over. You can obviously use just a vacuum to get the hair off instead of these methods, but using them in conjunction will work best. (Source)

4. Pumice Stone

This is the stone you can buy at a beauty supply store that helps soften the heels of your feet. You can use this like you would the rubber glove, and you can rub it over the hair and bring it all to one pile. Then, vacuum up the hair and the mess is clean! You can use this all over your car’s floor and seats too. (Source)

Sad golden retriever dog get bored of food.Golden retriever dog laying down by the bowl of dog food and ignoring it.

5. Duct Tape/ Lint Roller

This is an easy option that will work for anyone because it is very likely you have tape, duct tape, or a lint roller at home already! All you do is roll the lint roller up and down and begin collecting the hair. If you need something more heavy-duty, then using duct tape can help. You can take a strip of duct tape, lay it down (leaving one side of the tape up to make it easy to grip), then you simply pull up and repeat. You will be able to collect more hair with duct tape and you will be able to use the duct tape for longer than the lint roller.

6. Squeegee

A squeegee is an alternative to buying a product online that has a rubber side on it to help collect dog hair. Like the rubber glove, you will rub the car seat and start bringing all the hair to one spot, almost like you are sweeping dirt into a pile to then put in a dustpan and throw away. But, instead, you are dragging the squeegee along the seat and using a vacuum to pick up the pile of hair. This might be easier for you to do if you take the seat cover off, then use the squeegee on it.

If you don’t have a squeegee or you want a small version of it to keep in your car for dog hair messes, then you can search Amazon for products. There are many different products, but here’s one dog hair removal product to give you an idea.

7. Microfiber Cloth

Lastly, you can use a microfiber cloth. You can use it similar to the other products, simply drag and collect the hair. The cloth will be able to collect and trap in hair, which can help remove hair from your car seat. But, it could make cleaning your microfiber cloth hard to do. So, try using the other ideas first and then move on and try different methods to see what works best.

You might have a dog that sheds a lot, your dog can shed very little and the mess builds over time. Whatever the case is, you can fix your car seat as well as your car and get all the hair out. There are many products you can try too to make the cleaning process easy and fast, so look at the link to the Amazon product above and see if that product or other products will work for you.

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