How to Bury a Pet without Wild Animals Digging it Up

Burying a pet can be very difficult. It can be made to be even harder when you have other animals trying to get to the body of your friend. But what can be done to keep other animals away?

The best thing you can do is to bury the animal at least 2 feet underground so that the smell does not attract other animals. This is the best way to keep other animals away. Another way is to purchase a casket for the animal and bury them in it as this also helps to mask the smell.

There are also other ways to keep your friend safe from other animals. Continue reading for more information.

Other Ways to Keep Wild Animals Away

There are many different ways to keep wild animals away from your pet’s grave. One of those ways is to put a fence around the pet’s grave. This will keep many different animals away from the grave. You will want to have a tall fence that has been buried 4 or 5 feet into the ground. This will make it even more difficult for digging or burrowing animals to reach your pet.

There are even sprays or repellents you can buy and spray around the grave to repel the other animals. By so doing, you are keeping your friend safe from other animals.

Some people have set up sprinkler systems to begin spraying if an intruder animal has come onto their property. By the sprinklers coming up and spraying the animal every time it comes onto your property, this has been known to teach the animals to stay away from that yard and therefore, helps them stay away from your furry friend. This is also a great way to keep people off your lawn as well.

Grave Size

When burying your furry friend, you will want to make the grave at least 2-3 feet deep so that the smell does not attract animals. You will also want to make sure that the grave is wide and long enough to keep your pet comfortable. Make sure to know how large your animal is so that you can make the grave the correct size. Also make sure that if your pet is in a casket, the grave is even deeper so that the smell can be sealed in.

Also, make sure to check with your housing association to see where the utility lines are. If you begin to dig and hit one, then you will be dealing with a lot more. Make sure that the grave is set away from utility lines and is shallow enough not to interfere with those utility lines. After you are done digging the grave and have placed your friend inside, you may even place flowers in with them before you bury them. Once they are buried, you can even place a headstone at the head of the grave.

Some people have even been known to mark the grave with a few rose bushes. The bushes can mark the grave and use your friend as nutrients, creating something long-lasting for you to remember your friend by. This is also a great way to keep other animals away as the smell of the roses can mask the smell of your friend. This can also be a protection for the grave as the thorns will surely hurt any animal that comes near.

Place of the Grave

When selecting a gravesite, you will want to make sure that it is near enough so you can visit whenever you want. Many people bury their animals in their backyards. Others will send their furry friends’ remains to an animal cemetery, where the remains will be cared for until they can be buried. Pet cemeteries often are fenced off so that animals cannot get in.

If you are going to bury them in the backyard, you will want to put them in a quiet part of the yard so that it is not trampled by children playing. A quiet spot also allows for a space of reflection and remembrance of all the fun times you had with them. Some will bury their pets in the garden or flowerbeds so that their remains can feed the plants that they grow.

You may even consider a shaded place or a sunny spot, depending on what you or your pet liked more. A specific spot in the yard can be a great way to protect your pet’s remains. If you have a spot planned after they die, then you can make improvements to it so that other animals cannot get through.

Alternate Methods to Burial

If you do not like the idea of burial, and other animals possibly getting to your pet, then you may consider cremation. This makes it so that you do not have to worry about other animals coming after your pet. Cremation allows you to scatter your pet’s ashes in one of your favorite outdoor places to go. This in and of itself can be healing.

Many people are beginning to enjoy water burials, where you scatter your pet’s ashes in a body of water. Other people will purchase a decorative urn and keep the ashes of their pet with them. Some people even send their pet’s ashes to a company and have them turn the ashes into a glass piece or a piece of jewelry. This can be a very memorable piece to keep through the years and remember your pets and what they meant to you.

There are so many ways that you can keep your pet’s remains safe. By doing so you honor them and who they were. If you do not want to bury your pets then there are other ways to care for your pet’s remains. You can cremate them and even send the ashes to a company and have them memorialized as a piece of jewelry or a statuette. You can care for them in many different ways and every way is unique to you and your pet.

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