How to Easily Cremate a Dead Pet Fish at Home

If you’ve navigated to this article, it’s likely that you have recently lost a beloved pet fish, or are anticipating such a situation arising. Many pet fish owners are unsure of what to do with their dead pet fish after it passes, and worry about how they can be respectful and dispose of the dead fish properly. Cremating a dead pet fish is an excellent solution for many pet fish owners, but needs to be done with care and attention to detail.

In order to cremate a dead pet fish, one needs to follow the following steps: cook the dead fish in the oven to dry it out, then let it cool; turn the fish to ash over a fire, using a pot so that it turns to ash instead of char; and let the ashes cool completely before moving them into anything.

Following these steps will allow pet fish owners to give their dead pet fish an honorable end, and if done properly, allows for an easy cremation. Keep reading to understand what goes into the previously listed cremation steps, the benefits of cremation, and other burial methods for dead pet fish other than cremation.

How to Easily Cremate a Dead Pet Fish at Home

Cremating a dead pet fish requires important attention to detail so that it turns out how you wish to respect and honor your pet. [Source]

How to dry out the dead fish

First, in order to turn your pet fish to ashes, the body must be dried out. The best and most humane way to do this is to place your fish on a cookie sheet, preferably with something like parchment paper underneath it, and cook it in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once your fish has become completely dried out, remove the pan from the oven and let it cool completely.

How to turn the dead fish into ash

The idea now is that since the body of your dead pet fish is completely dried out, it should easily turn to ash. Place the body in a pot, and put that pot on a stove or a campfire. As the pot warms up, you may see the body start to turn to ash. This is the goal.

One complication that may arise is that your dead fish could start to char instead of turn to ash. You may need to softly and slowly press the fish into the pot so that it turns to ash and doesn’t burn and char instead. You only have one shot to make it work, so while it may be difficult, this will allow your pet to live on.

Last, just let the ashes cool completely before moving or doing anything with them. Further into this article we’ll discuss what options you have for what you can do with your fish’s ashes.

Why Would I Cremate a Dead Pet Fish Instead of Other Burial Methods?

When you’re deciding how to dispose of your dead pet fish, or are anticipating a situation in which this information might be relevant, there are a few burial methods to consider.

Why do people have fish burials?

Fish burials are more common than not. Even if a dead pet fish is simply flushed down the toilet, that’s a form of a fish burial. There are other less respectful ways to signify the end of the life of a beloved animal or pet. So fish burials happen to honor the pet fish and its life.

Is it common to cremate a dead pet fish?

It is not very common to cremate a dead pet fish, which is why many might not know how to even go about that process. This adds appeal for some owners with recently deceased pet fish because it provides a unique opportunity for you and your interested household members to say goodbye.

Is cremating a dead pet more respectful than other burial methods?

Cremation is generally seen as a very respectful form of burial. Humans and animals alike are both buried in the ground and cremated. Cremation is not necessarily more respectful, but it is how some people choose to show respect for a loved one who has passed.

Are there any particular benefits to cremating a pet instead of another burial method?

The literal benefit of cremation, as opposed to other burial methods, is that ashes from a cremated body can be preserved, so that a part of the animal remains with the owner after the animal’s death.

What Do You Do with the Ashes from a Dead Pet?

There are a few different things that an owner with a recently cremated dead pet fish can do with the fish’s ashes. Some prefer to have the ashes in their home, just to preserve the memory of the pet, while others prefer to turn the ashes into a piece of jewelry or decoration so that the animal becomes a real part of their home and life.

What is the most common thing to do with dead pet ashes?

Most people who choose to cremate a dead pet do so in order to keep the ashes. Owners who keep the ashes sometimes purchase an urn to preserve them in, maybe placing it on their mantle or near their bed.

Others preserve their deceased pet’s ashes in a locket or glass ball that becomes some sort of jewelry. The most common thing to do with a pet’s ashes is to just keep them in the home, in any kind of container, so that the pet always remains part of the family.

Other things to do with dead pet ashes

Other pet owners with a recently cremated animal give their pet a water burial, scattering the ashes in a river or ocean. Some would view this option as particularly appropriate for dead pet fish.

Others with a recently deceased and cremated animal choose to bury the ashes. The benefit to this is the rotting smell from the dead animal is avoided, yet the pet can still have a ground burial and remain in the backyard or in the city where the owner lives. [Source]

Every pet has a different story

Regardless of how you choose to bury your pet’s ashes, you can show your respect and love for them in that way. Each pet is unique, and each pet owner has a special bond with their deceased friend. However you choose to send your pet off with your love will be wonderful.

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