Where to Sell a Puppy Since Facebook Doesn’t Allow it

Because sites like Facebook prohibit the selling of puppies, it can be difficult to find a way to sell your puppies, luckily there are still many ways you can find your puppies good homes.

Puppies can be sold using ads and fliers in local areas as well as local kennel clubs. Placing ads in the local newspaper can be effective. Puppies can also be sold online on a variety of different websites and reach a wider audience for people who may be willing to travel interstate to get a puppy.

There are many ways to successfully sell a puppy and find it a loving home whether it is locally or online.

Ads and Fliers

One of the best ways to sell a puppy is through ads and fliers. This allows you to find a potential owner locally. Finding a local owner is great because you can actually meet with them in person and know if they will provide a safe and happy home for the animal. Getting to know your potential owners is a benefit of selling locally.

Good owners should have a home and/or a yard that can provide the dog with room to move around and be active. They should be willing to provide their pet with nutritional food and fresh water. Owners should also understand the grooming and vaccination obligations that come with different dog breeds. Not only that, but they should also be aware of how the dog will respond to different climates and be able to and willing to adjust accordingly.

Posting an ad in your local newspaper can effectively find a puppy a home. In the advertisement make sure to specify what type of dog breed you are selling, the age of the puppy, and the price you are asking. Leave a good phone number that anyone interested in can call. You may have to put the ad in the paper for multiple weeks to find a potential buyer. You could also include an email you check regularly so that you can get inquiries a bit easier with people who aren’t quite confident yet.

You can also make fliers and ask pet shops in your area to display them. Most pet shops are more than happy to help find animals a home. By having fliers in pet shops, you are guaranteed to reach the eyes of people who are already interested in or have knowledge of animals.

Local Kennel Clubs

Local Kennel Clubs are a place much like the online websites discussed below where breeders can take their puppies and advertise them as well as certify that they do indeed follow all regulations and have the proper certifications when providing puppies to be sold. The reason they are so strict about this is so that dogs don’t come into the kennel clubs and have defects or health issues that the breeders didn’t disclose.

A lot of things like this are difficult to adopt if you’re not licensed as a dog breeder. If you are looking to find homes for puppies, but aren’t looking into being a breeder afterward, it might not be worth the trouble of going through the fees as well as the difficult canine genetics test where they test what the parents of the puppies contributed to the puppies genes.

In that case, adopting out to family and friends and trusted friends of friends is the better option to avoid the fees and give the puppies the best home that you can without the hassle and stress of something you would have no intention of continuing with in the future. If you are, however, Kennel Clubs are a great resource.

Puppy Spot

Puppy Spot is a very reliable website that you can sell dogs on. It was founded by Greg Liberman in 2015 and is known for being one of the most trustworthy puppy sites on the internet. Unfortunately, many puppy selling websites are known for scamming customers and selling people ill puppies, many of which come from puppy mills. Puppy Spot is actively working against these types of sites by providing requirements for breeders on their site and not supporting puppy mills.

Puppy Spot has placed over 200,000 puppies into over 200,000 homes. This site is reliable and has a majority of positive reviews from customers and breeders alike.

Puppy Spot entirely boycotts puppy mills. This means that Puppy Spot prioritizes the health of the dogs that are bought and sold on this site. Puppy Spot only allows you to sell on their site if you are a licensed breeder. This is part of their attempt to make sure only high-quality pets with reliable breeders are sold on their site. If you are not a licensed breeder and are just looking to sell your puppy this site might not be as ideal for you.

Puppy Spot is entirely free to use so the profits are all yours. If you are a licensed dog breeder you don’t need to provide Puppy Spot with any additional fees.

Next Day Pets

Next day pets is an American dog selling and buying site. This site launched in 2003 and is known for being reliable and prioritizing the safety of dogs. This site is ranked in the top 30 dog breeding sites. Like Puppy Spot, Next Day Pets only allows licensed breeders to sell dogs. This site also requires sellers to complete identity verification. Scammers are blocked from this site and the dogs and sellers on Next Day Pets are monitored regularly. The website also blocks any sellers who don’t have a proper license.

If you are not a licensed dog breeder, these sites are not the best places for you to sell your dogs. Sites have to have a silence requirement to make sure they are selling well-treated and healthy dogs and to limit scammers. If you are simply looking to sell your puppy with no license, you should try to sell it locally either to friends or through advertising your puppy in local magazines and newspapers.

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