Average Cost to Cremate a Pet Bird (With 21 real examples)

Dealing with the loss of a pet is difficult and many people want to make sure their pet has a peaceful final resting place. However, if burial does not seem like a good fit for you and your pet, another option that is fairly cost-effective is cremation.

Cremation of a pet bird generally costs between $30-$250. The price will vary by the size of the bird, as well as whether or not the cremation is private or communal, and another cost factor is whether or not the cremation service takes care of disposing of the ashes after the cremation.

The cost factors of bird cremation will be explained more in-depth below, and good quality cremation services will also be included.

Cost Factors


The number one price variable when looking at cremation as an option for your pet bird is the size of the bird. Since most pet birds are relatively small, your bird will likely fit into the “under 20-pound” category. The next factor will be whether or not your bird has a private cremation. There are three options for pet cremation: communal, individual, and private.

Communal cremation is when your pet will be cremated with other pets and the ashes are not kept separate. You will NOT have the option to receive the ashes back because they will be mixed with other animals. The cremation company will take all the ashes and scatter them in a public garden or bury them in a pet cemetery.

Individual cremation will still have your pet cremated with other pets but it will be separated so you will most likely be able to get their ashes back without being mixed with other pets. Last but not least, private cremation is exactly how it sounds. In this case, you can be positive that the ashes you are bringing back are the ones of your bird, but this is also the most pricey option.

Urns, Burial, and Technicalities

You can arrange to have your bird picked up from the vet or your home by the cremation company, and then have the ashes delivered to you after the cremation. While most companies offer a basic urn included with the price of the cremation, if you want a fancier or personalized urn this will also be an added expense.

Depending on the burial site and whether you bury the ashes or if you ask the company to bury them, this will also be an additional charge.

If you would like to watch the cremation, some companies will allow you to view free of charge while some will charge you. It is important to make arrangements before your bird passes on in order to give yourself a stress-free burial and cremation process and have time to grieve.

Most companies, while sensitive during this difficult time, will have an additional charge for anything extra besides the basic cremation. If you are looking for the most cost-effective cremation option, it is best to go with the basic package options for everything. Of course, there will be upgraded options if you are interested in those as well. (Source)

21 Trustworthy Cremation Services

These are cremation companies that have a good reputation in their area, but it is not guaranteed that you will find a listing that is close to you and your area of residence. Additionally, many companies will have you call them in order to make arrangements and give you a quote.

1. Pet Meadow

This company serves the New Jersey area with two locations and they offer both communal and private cremations which can be viewed free of charge. Call for a quote and arrangements.

2. Major Street Pet Services

Located in Salt Lake City, UT. Private cremation services start at $145 for 0-5 pound pets and communal services start at $60 for 0-5 pound pets.

3. Horizon Pet Cremation

Located in Bend, OR, and serving the Tri-Cities area, this business offers many different services and pet memorials along with cremation. Small birds fall under their “pocket pet” category, and prices start at $85 for a private cremation. For a communal cremation, prices start at $10.

4. Pet & Animal Lovers Services

Located in Phoenix, AZ, this service offers individual and communal cremation services. Call for a quote and arrangements.

5. Arkansas Pet Cremation

Serving the Little Rock area, this service will pick up your pet, cremate them, and return them in an urn. Call for options, quotes, and arrangements.

6. Pet Cremation Services of MN

Located in Edina, MN, this service provides on-site euthanasia and pick-up options along with cremation services. Their services are all offered at a flat rate, with private cremations for $245, individual for $125, and communal for $60.

7. Blue Creek Pet Cremation Services

Located in Blue Creek, CA, this service offers private and communal cremations. Each private cremation includes your choice of an urn and other memorial items. Call for a quote and arrangements.

8. Southeastern Pet Cremation

Located in both Wilmington and Leland, NC, this service offers private and communal cremations. Call for a quote and arrangements.

9. Schoedinger Pets

Located in Colombus, OH, this business offers cremation services starting at $70 for 0-4 pound pets.

10. Good Shepherd Pet Services

With seven locations throughout the southeastern US, Good Shepherd offers cremation services along with pet memorials such as diamond rings and freeze-drying options for your pet. Call for cremation quotes.

11. Pets at Peace

With two locations in the Rochester, NY area, this company offers all three options for cremation services. They are on the more pricey side, with private cremations starting at $195 for 0-2 pound pets and $295 for 3-35 pound pets. They offer pick-up services and discounts for working with partner veterinarians.

12. Gateway Pet Cemetary

Located in San Bernadino, CA, the only services offered here are private cremations. Call for a quote and arrangements.

13. Heartland Pet Cremation

Located in St Louis, MO, this business offers private cremations starting at $225 for pets under 25 pounds. Although more expensive than other options on this list, their services include the urn and the ashes.

14. Forget-Me-Not Pet Crematory

Located in Massachusetts, this service offers private and communal cremations. Included in the private cremation price is a complimentary urn. Call for quotes and arrangements.

15. Memorial Pet Services

Serving the Madison, WI area, the services offered here include private and communal cremations. The pricing is based on pet weight and you need to call for quotes and arrangements.

16. Faithful Companion Pet Services

With 11 locations throughout the midwest and the eastern United States, this company offers a complete service including pickup, cremation, and drop off of ashes. Contact your closest office for quotes and arrangements.

17. Metro Animal Services

Located in the Chicago, IL area, this service offers private, individual, and communal cremation services. Contact them for quotes and arrangements.

18. All Heavenly Creations Pet Crematory

Located in Port St Lucie, FL, the cremation services start at $135 for pets under 35 pounds. Contact for in-home euthanasia services and transportation to the crematory.

19. Oakey’s Pet Home and Crematory

Located in Roanoke, VA, this trusted local business only offers private cremation services. Starting at $47 for pets under 1 pound and $80 for pets 1-5 pounds, this business is on the more affordable side.

20. Paws and Remember

With 10 locations throughout the midwest and Eastern United States, this company offers private, individual, and communal packages. Contact one of their locations for quotes and arrangements.

21. Corpus Pet Cremations

Located in Corpus Christi, TX, this service offers private cremations for $150 for pets under 25 pounds. They also have burial plots, headstones, and other aftercare services available for purchase.

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