Average Horse Cremation Costs (with 11 examples)

Losing a horse is a difficult process, and the death of your pet can often become a very bad experience if there are complications with the aftercare. One of the easiest, least regulated, and most cost-effective options for dealing with the remains is cremation.

The cremation price for a horse varies widely because of the large size of the animal. However, it will generally cost anywhere from $500-$3500. The price fluctuates based on the size of the horse and any transportation services, as well as how the ashes are disposed of after the cremation.

Navigating the expenses can be frustrating, so along with some information on how cremation for horses is priced, there will also be several cremation services included below.

Cremation Costs

Most cremation services charge between $600 and $1000 for a 1,000-pound horse, and most horses weigh around 900 to 2,000 pounds, depending on if the breed is small or large. (Source)

Since horses are such large and heavy animals, transportation, after they pass, is very difficult. Choosing cremation as an option makes transporting much easier, especially if you want to have your own funeral for the horse after its body is taken care of. Cremation services often will pick up the horse for you and then return the ashes in a beautiful urn. Transportation costs are often in addition to the price.

Cremation is strictly regulated by the law, so cremation must be done properly by professionals. Once they have the ashes they can either give them back to you for safekeeping or properly bury them. Cremation can be very expensive, but this makes cremation the most environment-friendly. Here are some examples of cremation services and their cost. (Source)

11 Cremation Services for Equines

In order to cremate your horse, it must be done by a state-approved horse crematory service. Below are 11 of the highest-ranked approved cremation companies for equines, but keep in mind that these locations may not be close to you.

1. Dignified Pet Services

With 3 locations in Oregon, this company provides a quick turnaround that includes transportation, cremation, and delivery of the ashes. Pricing starts at $2000 for a standard-sized horse, with extra fees for a difficult pickup location.

2. Deceased Pet Care

With three locations in Georgia, this company is the biggest equine cremation service in the southeastern United States. They offer transportation with private and communal cremations. Call for pricing and arrangements.

3. Family’s Pet Cremation

With two locations in Illinois, this company will transport your horse to their facility for $400 if you live within a 20-mile radius. Their cremation pricings are based on the horse’s weight, with private cremation pricing at $1 per pound and communal cremation at $0.80 per pound.

4. Trail’s End

This state-approved facility in Phoenix, AZ works with waste management to provide a facility that can safely bury and cremate horses. Call for pricing and arrangements.

5. Midwest Cremation Service

This company, with locations in Wyoming and Minnesota, will transport the horse to their facility and cremate it in either a private or communal setting. Prices for this company start at $1200, excluding any transportation. Call for more details and arrangements.

6. Precious Pets Cemetary

This company has three locations throughout Oklahoma, and they offer private cremation for equines. There is a pet cemetery available if you would prefer to have your horse’s ashes buried instead of returned to you. Call for pricing and arrangements.

7. Metro Animal Service

Metro AnimalService is located in the Chicago area. They have been around since 1974, so they are very experienced in taking care of your horse after it passes. Their specialty is making sure no other animal’s ashes get mixed in with your own animals. They only cremate one at a time, making it individuals for each horse.

They will pick up your horse from your location, take it back to the facility, and then ship the remains back to you. You can also pick them up if you want to save costs. A communal cremation is also an option if you are trying to save money. Transportation costs are not included. Call for details on pricing.

8. Staker Animal Cremations

Staker Animal Cremations is located in Southeast Idaho and is a family-owned business. Their price is per pound. For your horse, it would fall into the 70-300 pound category, which is $2.15 per pound. So for a 1,000-pound horse, the price would be $2,150. This is private cremation, so the animal is cremated by itself, and they will return the ashes to you. It usually takes 4-5 days, but for an extra fee, they can complete it within 24 hours. For an additional fee, they can also pick up your horse for you.

9. Guardian Animal Care

Guardian Animal Care is located in the Los Angeles area and provides either private or communal cremation if you don’t wish to have the ashes returned to you. They will even save locks of hair and put them on the outside of the urn with ribbon. The urn also has a name plaque and is made out of walnut wood. The prices depend on the size of the horse, and you can submit a request form on their website for more information.

10. CCE Recovery Services

CCE Recovery Services is located in Colorado and their specialty is horses. With this company, your horse is in good hands. They are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can always count on them to be there for you. If you are needing help quickly you can call them, otherwise, email would be the best form of contact. They also offer pickup of the horse.

11. Green Mountain Equine Services

Green Mountain Equine Services is unique because they only cremate horses, unlike other cremation services that offer services for all animals. They are located in Ohio and are very careful with the transportation of your animal. They then return the ashes to you in the urn. They use a “glide” to safely move the body and transport it.

All locations have different prices, but the average price of cremating a horse is $1000-$2000, depending on how much they weigh.

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