How to Make a Makeshift Casket for a Dead Pet Bird

Finding a casket for your pet bird can be a difficult process when you’re already dealing with grieving the loss of your beloved pet. Thankfully, there are some simple solutions to this problem, many of which do not require you to make any additional purchases and leave you will a casket specially made by you in honor of your pet.

Depending on the size of the bird, a cardboard or wooden box both make great makeshift caskets. These items can commonly be found around the house and don’t require a trip to the store. It is also possible to design and make a wooden casket using small wooden boards and nails or wood glue.

Below is a list of ideas for a makeshift casket for your bird that takes into consideration different sizes of birds.

Makeshift Casket Ideas

Wooden Box – If you have the time and necessary materials, why not DIY your own pet casket? You might consider this option due to your budget, a desire to make something personal and handmade for your pet, or because you already have woodworking skills.

If you want to build a casket from wood, be sure that you have the woodworking skills necessary to tackle the job. If you have a specific design in mind, it could be a good idea to consult another woodworker to ensure you have the tools to make your vision a reality.

Take your time with the project and let your creation be a labor of love for your pet. If you want to build a DIY casket but aren’t sure about crafting plans, you can purchase plans or a kit. There are wood casket kits available to purchase with all the parts needed that you can assemble and personalize for your pet.

If you don’t have the skills or tools necessary to build a wood casket, you could consider building a biodegradable casket from cardboard instead. Just as there are with wooden options, there are numerous DIY kits available to choose from that can be assembled at home. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build a wood coffin for your pet.

Cardboard Box – If you are not wanting to purchase a cardboard coffin kit, a cardboard box is a common household item that functions perfectly as a makeshift casket for your pet. An old package or shoebox is all you need. Using a cardboard box is a classic and great option for pet burials; they’re economical, biodegradable, and probably something you most likely already have lying around the house somewhere.

Their commonplace nature does not change the fact that they function perfectly well as a casket for small animals. The accessibility of cardboard boxes can also be perfect in cases where a pet passes suddenly and you need to quickly find a container in which to bury them.

Popsicle Sticks and Glue – For a very tiny bird, you could make a cute handmade casket using popsicle sticks and glue. This is a simple option that does not take too much time, while still giving you a quiet moment to remember your beloved pet and devote some time to making a casket in their honor. Here is a tutorial on how to make a popsicle stick coffin.

Tin CaseA tin case might not have crossed your mind when going through casket options for your pet, but this is another great option to consider. Many people have old tin cases sitting around the house with sewing supplies or other small knick-knacks inside, and these items can quickly be transferred elsewhere in order for the tin to be used as a lovely makeshift coffin that often has a nice design on it.

Basket – Baskets are another great option that are also affordable and relatively easy to find. If you don’t already have one at home that you could use, you can find one at your local thrift or home goods store. You could use a basket with a lid that closes, although an open one without a lid functions just as well too.

In each of these scenarios, you should first wrap your pet up in a cloth or small blanket, and be sure to never use plastic bags or plastic containers in your pet’s burial, as this can potentially be harmful to the environment. Also, remember that most areas require your animal’s grave to be a certain distance from other houses and water points such as wells and springs. The grave should also be three to four feet deep to keep other animals from digging up the body after you lay it to rest.

Purchasing a Casket

Pet Memory makes a great biodegradable pet casket (available on Amazon) that will provide your pet with a respectable final resting place.

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